IT Smart Finance

Smart and convenient financial services for everyone

IT Smart Finance is fast-evolving international fintech group. We’re pioneering fintech innovations on emerging markets. Our data-driven scalable platform along with unique double scoring system empowers us to offer customers the most tailored product avoiding high risk.

We’re one of Europe’s digital consumer lending groups, headquartered in Spain.
We use cutting-edge fintech trends and data science to provide fast and convenient loans to our customers
We give money to our clients whenever they need it
Since we were founded in 2014, we’ve issued over 113 000 Single Payment Loans for over $12 mln. total
  • Mission
  • Product
  • Strategy
  • Scoring
    • Our mission is to provide an opportunity for our customers to improve their standard of living by using our services. We make access to our secure loan services simple and straight-forward.
    • In order to achieve that, we work hard to develop innovative projects in the digital finance industry and have created patented software solutions. We also pay special attention to the composition of scoring models and machine learning for our risk management system. This guarantees reliability for customers of and investors in our fintech services.
    • Single payment loan (up to 30 days)
    • Loan amount – up to €800
    • Possible loan extension – up to 30 days (by request)
    • Salvation for the circumstances when cash is needed immediately
    • Instant and convenient – loans are processed online so the customers get funds in minutes
  • Our expansion:
    CIS region
  • 01.
    We use innovative technology and data driven insights to provide that service – quickly, conveniently and responsibly.
    Cutting edge technology means that we can evaluate credit worthiness and approve a loan in seconds. It usually takes less than 15 minutes for money to be transferred to a customer’s account.
Rodrigo Puig-Mir
Chief Executive Officer

Rodrigo has been always involved in International Financial Services, with more than 20 years in different sectors of fintech such as International Payment Institutions, banking and Lending. Through his professional career Rodrigo held senior positions in top-tier companies such as Coca-Cola, Banco de Credito (Ecuador), I-Transfer, Lefer Transfer, ID Finance.

He has started up successful businesses in the International Payments sector, always focusing on Teamwork and People’s Motivation to achieve global goals. Highly involved in the development of an International Money Transfer CRM/AML Tool to have full control of business based on AML International Regulations customization and Foreign Exchange Analysis.

Maxim Paschenko
Founder and President
Maxim is an international businessman experienced in innovative technologies and supportive of fresh, up-and-coming business trends. He has over 12-years experience in business management, having founded his first company in 2007. In a short time, Maxim has become one of the most well-known and successful entrepreneurs in his region. In 2013, he created a team of talented IT developers, which created a unique fintech platform for online consumer lending services. This platform is now the corner stone of several fast-growing fintech companies. Maxim studied engineering at one of the leading universities in Siberia, known for its powerful academic potential. He also gained financial and economic qualifications at the Moscow Business School. He enjoys winter sports and supports and promotes the protection of animals and the environment.
Ivan Sharafiev
Chief Business Officer
Ivan Sharafiev graduated from the ESERP School of Business & Social Sciences (Madrid, Spain) with a bachelor degree in Economics. He also has a master’s degree in International Relations and Foreign Trade from the Barcelona ESERP School of Business & Social Sciences.In 2015, he held the position of Assistant to the Deputy General Director of the Property Department of Gazprom Company.Ivan enjoys martial arts and has a 2 Dan black belt in Taekwondo WTF. He has also won multiple Asian and International championships.
Tatiana Kolodchenko
Chief Financial Officer
Tatiana is a finance professional with 15+ years of experience of assuming senior and top roles at Coca-Cola HBC, Johnson&Johnson and IDFinance. She holds MBA degree from ESADE (Barcelona), CIMA qualification (UK) and Master degree in Economics from Novosibirsk State University (Russia). Tatiana is true partner to the business who supports operations in delivering profitable and compliant growth. She is an expert in strategic and operational planning and mastered in aligment of company financial goals with targets across all functions and units. Tatiana used to live and work in very multicultural environment in various regions of the globe and she advocates diversity as an important driver of growth and creativity in any organization.
Marina Smirnykh
Board Member
Prior to joining IT Smart Finance, Marina has worked for more than 20 years in senior positions at major banks, such as Home Credit Bank, Sberbank (the No. 1 bank in Russia). During her career, Marina has remained focused on the consumer lending sector. Her vast experience in this area ensured fintech-company Joymoney, which she headed in 2014, became one of the most prominent and fast-growing brands in Russia’s online consumer lending market.Marina has a degree in managerial economics, enjoys a healthy, fitness-based lifestyle, devotes free time to home and family and supports charities that help terminally ill children and those with incurable illnesses and conditions.
Ilya Negots
Chief Operating Officer
Ilya has more than 5 years of broad experience in managing operational activities in financial sector. Prior to joining IT Smart Finance, he has held managing positions at banks within top-10, than headed operations at Joymoney – a fintech online-lending company. Ilya has a degree in corporate economics and management, while he is keen enthusiast of developing and implementing corporate initiatives targeted to boost operational performance. During his career Ilya has successfully implemented several projects that have significantly improved corporate performance indicators.
Vladimir Shepelev
Chief Information Officer
A qualified engineer-mathematician, Vladimir is a renowned talent in programming and creating scalable IT-systems. For 16 years Vladimir led the development team at MTS, the number 2 mobile operator in the CIS region. He is the author of several unique IT solutions and technologies. He loves mountaineering and his greatest achievement was reaching Mont Blanc (the highest point of the Alps), during a solo climb.
Maria Veikhman
Head of Risk
Maria has 15-years experience in IT-business along with more than 5-years experience in credit business. She has a math degree from Perm National Research Polytechnic University, MBA (e-business & e-commerce) from Yeditepe University, and Business Internship from Franklin University, USA. In 2013 Maria founded Scorista, risk management service for non-bank lenders, when she realized that is almost impossible to find high-quality specialists in credit assessment on the market. It provides instant credit decisions: "Approve" or "Deny" the credit with detailed explanation in each case and 93% forecast accuracy.

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